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Doppio Zero, Southdowns Mall, Centurion

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Okay everybody…lets begin the ride into culinary nirvana right here with a restaurant smack in-between Pretoria and Johannesburg, and my home town, or home suburb, whichever you prefer.

Doppio Zero is a restaurant chain with places in Cape Town and Johannesburg. The first thing you notice about the Centurion branch,is the feeling that you have stepped into a large, homey kitchen, with a built-in pizza oven and great coffee. Their decor is cosy, warm and inviting. They bake their own EXCELLENT bread on site AND bring in extra baked goods from some mysterious central kitchen.

So, you can either site inside or outside, order takeaways or just grab a great baked good on a Sunday morning, so your options are varied and interesting (so you can indulge as an outgoing foodie or as a reclusive snacker).

So, let’s get to the food…The coffee is excellent and I can highly recommend the cappuccino Vero (small cappuccino, which is a bit stronger than a normal cappuccino), or the WONDERFUL Americano, which is a delicious shot of Espresso topped with hot water. They also have a lemon drink called “lemoncillo” which is a mixture of lemon sorbet, ice, and other things (not sure), but it tastes like a summer morning and refreshes like a summer shower 🙂

The food menu is seasonal, but they keep some favourites on the menu all year round. They have wonderful breakfasts…some large and filling, others a bit lighter for the not-so-hungry. I can highly recommend the full breakfast, the pancakes (mmmmmmm), the french toast (mmmmmm x2) and the variety of sandwiches, which you can have on bread of your choice. The veg stack is great too if you don’t feel like meat. For lunch and dinner, the menu is endless, with crispy thin based pizza’s, my favourite is the frutti di mare, which has a selection of seafood on it. The pasta’s are varied for everyone’s tastes with meaty, robust ones and lighter pesto ones. There is one dish….a lamb meatball dish with a wrap bread. It is divine! The meatballs are seasoned with Moroccan flavours and the crunchy wrap with the soft, spiced meat is heavenly!

You’ll want to try the Cape Seed Loaf from the bakery…it is an excellent bread and it is low GI. Their Florentines are crunchy and chewy and very moorish. Their ciabatta…lets just say I buy it whenever I can!

So, check out Doppio Zero. Great food, great service (friendly, efficient), wonderful ambience (fireplace in winter). You’ll feel like you are sitting in a big, homey kitchen away from home!



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